Team Building

Experience the art of letterpress printing while having some fun with your team and investing in the future of your company at the same time.

Our team building activities are approximately 4 hours in duration and will be scheduled for either a morning or afternoon session in order to accommodate your workday. All necessary materials as well as light refreshments are included. Please contact Megan at for pricing information.

Benefits of Investing in Team Building Activities

Research shows that collaborative work environments where employees work together toward common goals are more successful than competitive ones. Corporate team building activities aren’t just a day out of the office, they mutually benefit both employees and the companies they work for. Invest in a team building experience to benefit from the following perks:

• Increased productivity at work
• Improved communication between employees
• Stronger motivation of employees
• Development of problem solving skills
• Encouragement of creativity

Looking for a way to enjoy a day outside of the office, strengthen bonds amongst your employees, and create your very own beautiful letterpress printed design? Contact us today to schedule your first of many team building workshops! We're also happy to hear your team building activity ideas that may be best suited for your particular team.


Visited for a team building workshop. Loved it! Megan facilitated an excellent session. She was so patient with my team.
— Katie

Team Building FAQ

Can our team take more than one activity?
Absolutely! You may take any of the available activities as many times as you would like as they will always differ from previous sessions. Each group creates their own unique designs using the various materials and printing techniques we have available in the studio so no finished product is ever the same. Team building is an ongoing process, not a once and done experience, so we encourage repeat visits!

What materials will be available to us for printing?
We have a variety of materials to use during our activities to help create dynamic, interesting, and creative layouts. Materials include, wood type, metal type, polymer plates, and vintage cuts.

How long are the activities?
Each of our activities is approximately 4 hours in duration and will be scheduled for either a morning or afternoon session in order to accommodate your workday. We do encourage you to come back as many times as you’d like to create something new if 4 hours just isn’t long enough!

How many people can we bring?
You can being up to 10 people along for any activity.

How much does an activity cost?
Contact us at for pricing information and we'll help you get it set up so that everyone has a great time!