hammer, nails & level bar

Matting a Photo is Not as Hard as You Think

Here are all of the items you will need to get started with matting a photo with your new semi-custom letterpress photo mat. It really is easy and will look like a professional did it! Don’t worry, we won’t tell your mom!



After you have all of your items, you can follow these easy steps to get the perfect matted photo that is ready to hang!


Step 1: Get the photo in the right place in the mat. I flip the photo face down and put one piece of scotch tape on either side of the photo so that they hang half way off both sides. Then I flip the photo back over so it is face up and you have bits of the sticky side of the scotch tape on each side. Then I gently lay the photo mat over top of the photo and move it around until the photo is in the right place. Then you just need to apply a little pressure to the mat over top of the tape that is sticking out and it should stick in place! If it doesn’t, I will carefully slide the photo and the mat off the edge of a table and apply pressure to the scotch tape from the underside.


Step 2: Place your matted photo in the frame!


Step 3: Pick a spot on the wall to hang your art. Hold the framed image up to find exactly where you want it to go. You can mark a spot with a pencil on the wall where the nail should go and hammer it in. Now you just have to hang the frame on the nail, put your level bar on top and adjust it slightly until it is perfect!


Happy Mother's Day Semi-Custom Letterpress Picture Frame Mat

Happy Mother’s Day Semi-Custom Letterpress Picture Frame Mat

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