Business Card Holder

Business Card Holders – Making a Memorable Impression

When I hand out my business card to people who aren’t familiar with letterpress, people are always blown away. They tell me how beautiful and heavy of a card it is.


While they talk to me, they are rubbing the impression on the extra, double-thick, 100% cotton, cover stock. They never realize they are doing it, but I’ve noticed time and again no matter where I am.


I created a business card holder to send out to businesses to suggest they take the time to see if their cards leave this type of impression on their clients.


I always like to point out that when you hand out a business card, it is an extension of you and your business. It is the first impression people get aside from your personality. Do your business cards make a memorable impression on the people you hand them out to?


Do you need a great little business card holder of your own? See below for our colorful options available in our online store.


 Do You Want Your Very Own Business Card Holder?

The business card holder protects your cards from getting ruined by floating all over your purse, or pocket. They also make it easy to find them instead of fumbling around while someone waits for you to dig them out.


Buy a business card holder without the logo and text on the back.


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