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Ladies of Letterpress Book Cover
What It’s Like Being A Lady of Letterpress

Back around the turn of the century, you would have been pretty hard pressed to find a lady in any printshop, aside from being a proofreader. Men had to take printing as part of their curriculum in school while the ladies were taking home economics and other girly classes. If you go to printing museums today you will find mostly retired gentlemen explaining how the equipment works and giving demonstrations. Back when I discovered letterpress, I happened across one of these museums in Lancaster, PA and let them know I would be joining their club. I am still one of the few female members, but our numbers are increasing at a rapid rate across the world.

Early on, I came across the organization, Ladies of Letterpress whose motto is “Dedicated to the proposition that a woman’s place is in the printshop.” I joined immediately and it has led to a plethora of great exposure and experiences. The latest being their book of some of their members, showcasing work and print shops across the country. If you are interested in purchasing this book, click here and you can get 35% off by entering the code LETTER at checkout! The book includes 86 different print shop profiles and a large tear-out poster for each! I couldn’t be more excited and honored to be included with such an amazing group of talented printers!


Coffee & Tea letterpress notecard set created for The Simple Cup
The Simple Cup Partners with Typothecary Letterpress

The Simple Cup partners with Typothecary Letterpress to create some adorable little tea cup cards! The Simple Cup donates 75% of its proceeds to Fields of Hope, a non-profit that helps women of Ethiopia create a better life for themselves.

Buy the tea cup cards and help make the world a better place one donation at a time!

The tea cup cards were designed with a coffee/tea theme and incorporating the irresistible feel of letterpress! The tea cup cards are each paired with a kraft envelope and they come as a set of four.






Typothecary Letterpress visits Martha Stewart

As part of a trip run by The Society of Publication Designers, I was lucky enough to be able to visit Martha Stewart‘s offices in New York City.


I am a huge fan of her magazines and was thrilled to see how each issue gets laid out and designed from start to finish. I was blown away by how everything is organized and put together, just as you would expect! There are a few photos below just to give you a small taste of how amazing this place really was!


The prop room was my favorite. It was filled with every piece of anything and everything that has ever been photographed/filmed for a magazine or show! Oh and the Test Kitchen smelled amazing of course! Could you imagine perfecting recipes all day long so that they can be published?!



Militia - Letterpress Cigar Bands by Typothecary Letterpress
Typothecary Letterpress Featured on PasteMagazine.com

10 Letterpress Studios You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Typothecary Press – a lesson in branding—blending historical awareness of the craft with savvy buttons to direct visitors to contemporary services like invites, business cards and greetings. Typothecary also breaks the mold (or press, if you will) in terms of its equipment. Founder Megan Zettlemoyer is a self proclaimed sucker for funky historical machines, like her miniature label maker and the pinhole perforator she acquired in Toronto. With her real passion and flair for marketing, Zettlemoyer is what every indie craftsman strives to become.

Savannah – Full of Letterpress and Design Inspiration

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Savannah, Georgia, and wow what a treat! The true historic quality of Savannah shows through at every turn, from the architecture to details on the streets. I wish I could have stayed longer to explore a bit more, but I got a good sense of where I’d like to begin next time I visit!