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Badass Mom Semi-Custom Letterpress Picture Frame Mat
Amanda Had The Best Mother’s Day Gift, Hands Down

Amanda was looking for the best Mother’s Day gift. Something that was personal, handmade, and featured her mom’s favorite photo of her children.


She came to me with an idea of what she wanted and the colors she knew her mom would love. I made a photo mat that complements her photograph and adds something extra special to her frame!


Get your own custom letterpress photo mat for Mother’s Day.


Best Mother's Day Gift - Custom Picture Frame Mat

Badass Mom Semi-Custom Letterpress Picture Frame Mat

hammer, nails & level bar
Matting a Photo is Not as Hard as You Think

Here are all of the items you will need to get started with matting a photo with your new semi-custom letterpress photo mat. It really is easy and will look like a professional did it! Don’t worry, we won’t tell your mom!



After you have all of your items, you can follow these easy steps to get the perfect matted photo that is ready to hang!


Step 1: Get the photo in the right place in the mat. I flip the photo face down and put one piece of scotch tape on either side of the photo so that they hang half way off both sides. Then I flip the photo back over so it is face up and you have bits of the sticky side of the scotch tape on each side. Then I gently lay the photo mat over top of the photo and move it around until the photo is in the right place. Then you just need to apply a little pressure to the mat over top of the tape that is sticking out and it should stick in place! If it doesn’t, I will carefully slide the photo and the mat off the edge of a table and apply pressure to the scotch tape from the underside.


Step 2: Place your matted photo in the frame!


Step 3: Pick a spot on the wall to hang your art. Hold the framed image up to find exactly where you want it to go. You can mark a spot with a pencil on the wall where the nail should go and hammer it in. Now you just have to hang the frame on the nail, put your level bar on top and adjust it slightly until it is perfect!


Happy Mother's Day Semi-Custom Letterpress Picture Frame Mat

Happy Mother’s Day Semi-Custom Letterpress Picture Frame Mat

Semi-Custom Photo Mats for Mother's Day
Semi-Custom Photo Mats for Mother’s Day That Don’t Break the Bank

Framed photos look good on their own, but why not make them look great with one of our custom letterpress picture frame mats for Mother’s Day?! Yes we are just as happy to make mats for dog-moms too! Mats will become available on April 11th for one week only, so you can have them just in time for Mother’s Day!

Ghost Type - Budweiser
Typothecary Letterpress Inspired by Asheville’s Typography

I recently ventured down to Asheville, North Carolina, for a workshop. I love Asheville each and every time I visit. There is always something new to explore, and always a few old stand-by favorites to check out. This time I found myself enamored by the plethora of gorgeous typography all around the city. Ranging from hand drawn signage to beautiful logos. They’ve definitely got some great stuff going on down there!


Business Card Holder
Business Card Holders – Making a Memorable Impression

When I hand out my business card to people who aren’t familiar with letterpress, people are always blown away. They tell me how beautiful and heavy of a card it is.


While they talk to me, they are rubbing the impression on the extra, double-thick, 100% cotton, cover stock. They never realize they are doing it, but I’ve noticed time and again no matter where I am.


I created a business card holder to send out to businesses to suggest they take the time to see if their cards leave this type of impression on their clients.


I always like to point out that when you hand out a business card, it is an extension of you and your business. It is the first impression people get aside from your personality. Do your business cards make a memorable impression on the people you hand them out to?


Do you need a great little business card holder of your own? See below for our colorful options available in our online store.


 Do You Want Your Very Own Business Card Holder?

The business card holder protects your cards from getting ruined by floating all over your purse, or pocket. They also make it easy to find them instead of fumbling around while someone waits for you to dig them out.


Buy a business card holder without the logo and text on the back.


As featured on the French Paper Sample Room Blog!